Ferò Adventure

Ferò is originated from the dream of Designer Fernando Prete of a luxury home within reach of all. The brand Ferò is developed and built on the thirty years’ experience of its creator in international contexts at the highest levels in the apparel industry house; therefore with full knowledge of the best producers in the textile world Market, of the materials characteristics, from the basic product to the multiple production techniques. These are the enablers that place Ferò on the edge between classic elegance and innovation of new trends. Fernando’s story starts in the 80s in a small tailor’s shop in south of Italy, it develops over the 90s through. European significant players, and consolidates and fully express in the last 16 years within the most popular Mason in the world, Frette, both at headquarter and at top locations such has in Paris, London, New York and Dubai. It is in these locations, where famous clients from the international jet-set refer to, Fernando is engaged and involved over the years to follow and customize the most sophisticated and exclusive celebrities such as Madonna, Sting, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and many others. The opportunity to develop household linen designed to high standards luxury houses triggers Fernando’s dream of one day being able to bring this luxury at an much more accessible economic level, and then to a wider range of people, still with no compromise on quality. Luxury for everyone. From this idea and with this vision Fernando Prete starts this new adventure that feeds his inexhaustible passion and creativity and through which he makes real the dream of making sleeping in a Ferò bed a no return, pleasure and luxury experience, and more generally the possibility to dress the home through a style that combines elegance and originality.

Our vision

To enable dream, imagination and creation. The energy
To innovate in design and technique, within tradition and elegance
The perfect chemistry of beauty, quality and comfort